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beimmalenFind free information on classical painting techniques and learn how to paint like the Old Masters without attending an expensive art class!

Traditional art classes at academies cost thousands and since artists are always on a budget – at least this is what is said – paying for an art course can be difficult or impossible. This website aims to replace the art teacher or master for your self-study at home!

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Money saving tips for your atelier at home:

Print Munsell Color Charts at Home

Color references are often very pricey. In my blog post “Save hundreds on studio equipment!” I showed you how I made my own color charts which in the end can literally save you hundreds of (insert your currency here). And in “Mixing Neutrals” I showed how I made a neutral value scale based on my Munsell color […]

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Save hundreds on studio equipment!

Save 781.50€ on studio equipment!…..What? Recently I talked about the Munsell color system which in brief is a system based on the three qualities of color – hue, value and chroma which helps you in judging color. As an artist you will need to know what colors to mix for your subject and which paints to […]

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Got no drawing casts? (part 2) Make your own!

As you know cast drawing is a very good way to learn to draw a three dimensional object. It’s the second step in learning classical painting techniques as it is taught in many ateliers. The ateliers have many plaster casts from which the students can choose. But what about someone learning at home? There are […]

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Do not save on the wrong things

I recently received an oil paint set with 12 different colors as a gift. This set of tubes was sold at a very low price for around 3€ so I was curious about the paint’s quality and as I expected, the quality is very low. Although this blog is also about saving money with your […]

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Low budget glass palette

You propably all know the traditional wooden palettes that artists use – on one hand they hold their brushes and on the other is a wooden palette resting on the forearm, secured by the thumb through a hole. There are certain disadvantages with these hand held wooden palettes: Color – the wood color is not […]

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Got no drawing casts? Just use your city’s monuments!

What’s the advantage of an anatomical drawing cast compared with a real model out of flesh and blood? It holds perfectly still, always has time, has no color distracting you while you just want to study drawing and they charge no money. There are anatomical drawing casts available out there (for example here for those of […]

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Curd soap: cheap and healthy alternative to harming solvents for cleaning brushes

I rarely use turps or other solvents since they smell disgusting and they really are a risk of health. For painting I just use it occasionally for staining my canvas. So my can of rectified turpentine leads an orphaned life. A lot of oilpainters use these aggressive solvents to clean their brushes with – and […]

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