Artist William Whitaker

Having a mentor can be a great benefit for your artistic skills. Since I started to be interested in oil painting about 10 years ago I’ve had two people I would consider as mentors to whom I had contact and from whom I could learn from – artists Lienhard Pallast and Michael Milosevic.

Another person I would consider to have been kind of a mentor to me is ARC Living Master™ William Whitaker though we only mailed less than ten times. He overpainted photos of my little appartment that I lived in to show me how to best set up my space for painting.

This man is so generous in terms of giving insight into his working process.

He are several tutorials by William Whitaker

Youtube videos of his paintings

And here’s a video that I already posted in my post “Curd soap: cheap and healthy alternative to harming solvents for cleaning brushes” – no paintings here, just brush cleaning tips.

 Thank you Bill for supporting the community! May the brush be with you!

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